5 Tips for Improving Warehouse Productivity and Efficiency

Warehouse Productivity and Efficiency

It is common knowledge that low warehouse productivity and efficiency can slow down all manners of operation, which could result in slow lead times, delayed deliveries, and some very angry clients. For any business, having an efficient warehouse is the key to success. Your company shouldn’t only pride itself on quick product turnaround, but also on how fast you can get that product out the door. Unlock the full potential of your warehouse with expert-recommended tips for improvement by visiting this website Go-oodles.

Another reason why maintaining warehouse productivity and efficiency is important is because if you don’t it can start affecting your business’s bottom line. In that case, you might not only have angry clients but also angry board members, shareholders, and investors. Here are 5 tips for improving warehouse productivity and efficiency.

  1. Organize and prioritize. If you know that you have a particular product that is flying off the shelves – why keep it in the back of the warehouse? One of the easiest ways to clear up an unorganized shipping center is by arranging your inventory by what has the highest demand. That way you can have it readily available instead of having to constantly take a trip to the back of the warehouse or climb a high ladder to get it. Time is money in a shipping center and all those trips can end up costing your business.
  2. Perform audits on warehouse employees. This can be a simple, and unintimidating, question-and-answer process that evaluates the shipping center worker’s productivity. Ask them what slows them down the most. Ask them if their workload is too much. Or you could even ask them if they aren’t being paid enough. If you were just hired on as the CEO of a crumbling company, it might be that your warehouse is faltering because workers aren’t motivated enough to get the product out. So pay attention to the warehouse employee’s needs. Maybe all they need is better benefits and a slightly higher salary to increase productivity and efficiency.
  3. Improve the layout of your warehouse. It might be as simple as your forklift forks don’t have the room to properly lift pellets and other items. This could be because the aisles are too narrow or the turns are too sharp for the vehicles. It might be wise to get a bird’s eye view of the entire shipping center and then do a complete reroute. By simply changing the position and the location of certain items in the warehouse, you could see a dramatic increase in productivity and efficiency. Maximize your warehouse’s efficiency with the tried-and-tested strategies which are available at Frog Save.
  4. Another way to increase productivity, and subsequently efficiency, is to change the sequencing of operations. It could be that from start to finish, the entire process, from the arrival of the product to the trip down the conveyer belt and boxing, is completely off. Observe and report any major challenges and do your best to rectify them.
  5. Lastly, come up with a plan. After you invest in an expensive and exhausting reroute of your warehouse, the last thing you want is for it to slowly go back to the way it was before. However, if you draft a detailed plan with stringent rules for the layout and maintenance of your business’ shipping department, workers will be more inclined to stick to regulation. Having a solid plan could completely transform your warehouse. Ready to boost your warehouse’s productivity? Start by implementing these tips today From Demand Question Time.