A Short Biography of A Leading Investment and Real Estate Management Specialist

Real Estate Management

Whether you want to take an active role in your investment activities, real estate management, and so forth David Giunta is there to help you. One of the highly educated and experienced persons in real estate management and investment banking. He can help you with any need of the ‘mentioned’ subjects He can play an essential supporting role, giving you specialist advice as well as guidance that can assist you to make quick and effective decisions. He is not only an expert in these areas but also a person who possessed vast knowledge and worked in different American corporations to date. Discover a world of limitless possibilities in investment and real estate management with Startup Cradles.

A Short Description of David Giunta

Now you must be thinking to read his full bio data. His full name is David Giunta, from California, United States of America. He is the CEO of BlackPlum, LLC. He has nearly 20 years of investment advisory as well as real estate management experience. He is now leading up his present position at BlackPlum, be he also has founded as well as acted as CEO for different organizations. Some of his major investment is surely multi-million dollar properties in different places, such as Arizona, Phoenix, and other places throughout the states of California, USA.

Experience of Mr. Giunta

Let us drive into his experience in investment and real estate management. He is one of the leading personalities in real estate finance, management, and business. In the year of 2001, Mr. Giunta founded the big investment advisory firm Wealth Management, LLC, where he served as the organization’s president position until 2008. These days at BlackPlum, LLC one of the leading and most trusted real estate investment companies, Mr. Giunta works with the major real estate developers as well as investors to produce continuous, dependable income from these highly competitive real estate investments. Nowadays BlackPlum deals in properties ranging primarily from $5 million to more than $10 million.

What Can You Get from Giunta’s Advising

By sharing your investment ideas with Mr. Giunta, a professional investment specialist, you can be benefitted from his specialist knowledge. You also get a proven as well as specialized service that can be tailored to your project and circumstances, objectives of investment, risk threshold as well as expectations on your projected return. The real estate investment market is a very tricky one, and you need a professional who has a couple of years of experience in this area, and David Giunta is just second to none. Are you looking to maximize the potential of your real estate portfolio? Look no further than Mega Best!

Education of David Giunta

Last, but certainly not least, David Giunta the CEO of BlackPlum boasts nearly more than two decades of investment advisory as well as real estate management with deep and extensive experience to serve different organizations all across California and its suburbs. He graduated from Ohio University and finally commenced his bright career in California as a CPA for the well-known and most prestigious Arthur Andersen. He had been deputed in different capacities within the financial world. He is well versed in a wide facet of financial management and the real estate management industry. Discover proven strategies and innovative approaches at Work At Home Blog that have consistently delivered remarkable returns.