How to Preserve the Flavor of Tea

Flavor of Tea

Why do we drink tea? The reasons are too numerous to list or even identify, but chief among them are flavor and health benefits. Don’t worry though, if you start solely for health reasons, you’ll come around eventually.

But how do you make sure that your tea’s flavor doesn’t dissipate or change in undesirable ways after you’ve purchased it, or worse yet before you’ve purchased it? Storage and packaging. If you want to learn more about health and fitness, visit this website for useful information.

Packaging: A tea is black, white, or green because of the level of oxidation that is allowed to take place prior to the setting of the leaves by application of heat, through steaming, pan frying, and direct or indirect roasting. The heating more or less arrests the oxidative process, more or less. The way that the tea has been heated and handled determines whether the tea will age well or is best consumed fresh. Most tea you find at big retail stores is best when it is at its freshest. In order to maintain that freshness the tea should be vacuum packed in an air-tight bag container that will not allow light in. The vacuum sealing keeps air out and the tea the same as it was at the farm.

After you’ve opened the bag, it is important that you keep it as airtight as possible. You can reseal the bag with clips or put it inside a jar or canister that will seal it tightly. Then you should keep that jar in a cool dark place, far away from moisture. Moisture is another problem, you don’t want your tea to start brewing itself without you being a part of it, do you? If your tea does become damp there are ways to salvage it, so don’t panic. Check out this website to get detailed information about preserving the flavor of the tea.

It’s also important that you keep tea away from powerful smells, as it is notorious for absorbing any smell that it is in heavy contact with. This means the refrigerator is not a good place for tea unless that’s all you have in there. It also means that you shouldn’t handle it too much. Use a clean spoon to put it in the brewing vessel or, if you must, a very clean hand.

As you explore the world of tea you may come across some teas like Puerh that you will want to play around with aging under different conditions, in which case you could leave it on the window sill overlooking your garden or whatever. Get creative. There are also many clay pots that are great for aging tea, as the clay absorbs some of the fragrances and oils of the tea you keep in it, and will pass it on to other teas you might put into it in the future. Are you interested in learning more about nutritional drinks? Visit this website for further details.