Is the new aspect ratio 18.5:9 – Suitable for Galaxy S9


Samsung has made various efforts to get a satisfying ratio for display area and diagonals. Finally, the company found a perfect ratio of 18.5:9. The new geometry (18.5: 9 instead of 16: 9) led to the fact that many programs are displayed with black bars top and bottom. Nevertheless, there is a programmatic way to stretch them; highlighted an additional menu in the “Settings”. Now, it would be easy for the Samsung Company to get the desired ratio after getting inspired from S8 design. The s9 design would be very much impressed with a larger screen, comfortable to hold, no physical home button, sensors on a backside. You can also check out this website to get more details about Smartphones and their software.

Short tests in about twenty programs with graphics and texts, as well as in games showed a stable operation of the program stretch.

Most programs are stretched correctly; it applies to both social networks and messenger clients, and games. The shell automatically activates it for programs and games (for example, the Asphalt 8), but in most cases have to go to a separate menu and enable the setting for each application separately. For some reason, Samsung does not allow to do this automatically for any software. I’m happy to see that the new aspect ratio correctly balances both the recently released projects (Modern Combat 5) and long-forgotten classic ports like Grand Theft Auto 3. However, in some games and software with main graphics, you can see how these or other elements slightly extend beyond the face of the display – probably stretching software scales the fixed elements in width and line height. So, the question here is, Should Galaxy S9 walk on the path of Galaxy S8 in terms it’s ratio 18.5:9? or Samsung will improve all these poor issues faced by S8? There is no doubt that Galaxy S9 will be far better than S8 and can compete with many devices, But still, With what perfect ratio, Galaxy S9 will go? is still in discussions.

Movies with an aspect ratio of 21: 9; ‘look’ great:

Although the new ratio is suitable for S8 is great in many ways. But there are also, according to the tests performed, many functions, which are not in the favor to this ratio. What is interesting, the third-party software looks great with the new ratio, but a universal clipboard (one of the functions of the curved face) even in non-finished form displays thumbnails of screenshots in the wrong ratio and stretches them in width. Galaxy S9 is highly expected to come up next year without bringing these limitations in it. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about the latest technologies.


The aspect ratio of the screen is in a rather strange – 18.5 9. Not the best option for watching videos and pictures in games. But in the firmware provides a function to display a content adaptation.

Galaxy S9 is a flagship smartphone of the year 2018. Samsung lovers have so many hopes with it. People are expecting to have a phone with all the latest technologies with updated versions. Any faults in S9 will be suppressed the moods of many people. So, we can just wish S9 to come up with all the positive aspects. You can also visit this website for useful information about the radio aspects of the latest mobiles.