Know the value of the Alexa rank in SEO


When it comes to SEO and wants to get a high ranking on Google, analysis of your website and competitor website is compulsory. Lots of tools are available to analyze your website data and learn how well your SEO is doing. Among the different tools, Alexa is one of the best and more popular tools for analyzing SEO. Are you not aware of the value of the Alexa rank in SEO? Let’s know what are the Alexa tool and its value in SEO. If you want to get more details about SEO tools, visit this dedicated website for further details.

Alexa Ranking Tool: What is it?

The Alexa ranking tool calculates your website’s score based on online traffic. The Alexa ranking tool is specifically designed to deliver commercial website traffic for users of the Alexa toolbar. By using this tool, you can also increase your website’s Alexa ranking and optimise the web traffic of your competitors.

How Does the Ranking System Work?

Before knowing the value of Alexa Ranking, you need to know how it works. While determining the ranking of a website, Alexa utilizes two metrics over a period of three months – the first is the number of page views and the second is the number of unique visitors. Pageviews show how many times your web site’s URL is viewed by users. Unique visitors mean the number of visitors who visit your website for the first time. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about Alexa’s rank in SEO.

Value of Alexa Rank in SEO

  1. It works as an important metric to show your website’s popularity and you can also do the analysis of your competitor’s traffic and popularity. So with the help of Alexa Ranking, you can understand that you need to increase more traffic.
  2. High Alexa ranking helps to attract more advertisers because advertisers use the website which has a high ranking. That’s why we can say that Alexa Ranking also helps to evaluate your website’s total financial value.
  3. We all know that higher-ranked websites are indexed by Google crawler, which executes search engine optimization carefully. For that high Alexa ranking is required.
  4. In some ways, Alexa ranking is used in selling and buying websites. Because before purchasing the website, buyers check the website’s ranking on Google. So we can say that to get more money by selling the website, a high ranking is required.

After showing the value of the Alexa ranking tool, you have a clear idea that why Alexa Ranking is required for your website. So use this amazing tool to increase your website’s traffic and popularity on Google. Click here to get more tips about increasing your website ranking.