Laws depending on the country you live in


When we talk about laws, we can say that lawyers play a primary role within the legal system.

The legal profession is usually one of the most extensive, important but at the same time hated careers in the judicial system. Learn more about legal laws to live in foreign countries on this dedicated website:

The laws on their part will vary according to the country or state in which you are. Every year some experts in the legal entity take the trouble to analyze which are the countries with the best judicial systems.

Here we will tell you what they are, what makes them so good, and in what position they are, you will also be able to see if they have been maintained over the years, or if the position of each country varies each year.

The countries are as imposing as their laws, but not all of them know how to apply them, here we will tell you only which ones stand out for maintaining order and knowing how to comply with the laws. Click here for detailed articles regarding country laws.

Position of the country according to its laws, and compliance with them

Below we will list the 5 best countries with a judicial system that exceeds more than 70 points on a scale of 1 to 100:

  1. In the number one position we find the United Kingdom, with a score of 96 points, it is the country that enforces the laws the most, and one where the least judicial corruption is shown.
  2. Denmark ranks number two by demonstrating that 80% of laws are enforced. Leaving criminal acts and judicial corruption far below.
  3. Singapore occupies the number three position: this beautiful country, in addition to its great attractions, obtained a score of 75, in the judicial entity.
  4. Germany occupies our fourth position, it showed that in addition to being ruthless for war, they are also ruthless in enforcing public and judicial laws.
  5. Austria: despite being a country not known worldwide, managed to come out in the top 5, by asserting both the rights and the duties of all its inhabitants.

Less popular countries, for ignoring the laws and for high rates of corruption in the legal system

Although it seems somewhat cruel, we must talk about those countries that have become popular, but because of their poor adherence to the laws, as well as the corruption that exists within their legal entities.

  1. Afghanistan.
  2. Cambodia.
  3. Venezuela.

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