The Amazing Easeus Todo Server Backup Software

Server Backup Software

Data is certainly most important no matter whether it is at personal level or commercial level. But the data loss at the commercial level is much more expensive and damaging than data loss at the personal level.

The companies at larger scale have thousands and millions of important files and data that needs to be stored and in order to protect that it is essential to make backups that the important data may not be lost during some mishap or some power failure and you can be saved from millions of dollars of damage.

You can easily use server backup systems to create backups of your important data at a commercial basis but it will require a lot of time and can cause you a loss of hours of productivity which otherwise can be employed in useful work. So what is the solution now? What can be done to protect the files and data on the commercial level? If you want to get more details modern technologies and Software, visit on this dedicated website:

Disk Clone your Server With EaseUS Todo Backup Server:

Saving and keeping a backup of server files and data is a hell of a time-consuming task. Backing up your files and folders manually can be an ideal option but it will consume a few minutes from every hour which may result in many hours of lost productivity which otherwise may be employed in useful tasks. Saving files daily can be the best option but it is really hectic when you have tons of data on your servers. When weekly or monthly backup is concerned, it may work but what if the hard drive fails or the system gets corrupt? The whole week of work gets lasted.

It can be affordable in certain companies but not in the big server companies like Google or Facebook where every second of data is important and they can’t afford any system failure. The HDD clone is certainly the best choice available for you.

EaseUS Todo Backup Server:

When it comes to disk cloning or SSD cloning, the software that is considered the best is the EaseUS Todo Backup Server. It is the server disaster recovery and a system migration solution for server environments that can be either physical or virtual Windows server environments or both. It is popular for providing some amazing and most powerful backup recovery and system migration features to the large enterprises and organizations.

Below is the list of some amazing features of EaseUS Todo Backup Server:

  • Fast files and system backup
  • Differential and incremental backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup management tools
  • Advanced backup scheduler

It is good for managing server backup functions minimizing the server downtime and maximizing the operation ensuring business continuity.

New Features of EaseUS Todo Backup Server:

The manufacturers are ever modifying the software for increased usability and better performance. Following are the new features added in the software recently:

  • New user-interface
  • Backup to cloud
  • Smart backup feature for automatic backup
  • Extended trial period of 15 days.

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