The Importance of Relevant Experience for Hiring Tax Agents

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Agents executing the entire array of financial tasks pertaining to taxation Melbourne area should have sufficient relevant experience under their belts to proficiently serve their customers. Be the relevant hire a tax agent you know more about which points are main and experience browser the website for more information

Relevant experience ce takes into account work carried out

  • As registered tax agent
  • Under the mentorship or superintendence of rethe gistered agent
  • In the capacity of legal practitioner
  • In any role approved by ‘Tax Practitioners Board’ of Australian government

Assessing relevant experience

Considerable hands-on involvement in one or diverse types of agent services qualify for relevant experience. The services comprise of assessment or appraisal of the entity’s liabilities, obligations, and entitlements in tune with the taxation law; or representation of an entity in his dealings with the Commissioner pertaining to the law.

Experience garnered while performing general accounting work like audits and insolvency usually do not count for the purpose of tax agent registration. Visit to learn more about hiring tax agents.

Relevant experience needed

It is contingent upon the academic qualifications of the candidate and the regulation item of ‘Tax Agent Services Regulations 2009’ under which one is seeking registration or renewal. Item No. 201,202 and 204 mandate one year full time experience in the last 5 years if the candidate possesses tertiary qualification in accountancy, law or any other discipline. If the candidate has work experience or is a member of a professional association, he is required to have 8 years full time relevant experience in the last ten years as per Item No. 205 and 206. Item 203 states that 2 years full time relevant experience is required for a candidate who has diploma or higher degree in accountancy.

Showcasing relevant experience

Any application for registration or renewal of registration as tax agent should be accompanied with completed ‘Statement of relevant experience for tax agents’(SRE). The information supplied should abundantly represent substantial involvement in diverse type of tax agent services.

The SRE should bear the signature of supervising registered agent. Else, the candidate need to provide a statutory declaration stating the nature of agent services discharged and the reasons for not providing duly signed SRE. Further, independently verified experience should be furnished. If the candidate possesses a relevant experience of different kind which he believes should be approved by the tax practitioners’ board, he should tender a written application detailing the experience and the reason it should be approved. Other kind of works encompass job as an academic teacher or tax trainer which has substantially involved the candidate in one or more agent services.

Independent verification will comprise any registered agent’s reference or 2 discrete references from individuals who will furnish verification regarding experience type and amount. Such individuals may be clients or colleagues. Family members are not authorized to provide references. If a registered agent declines to verify the relevant experience of the applicant, it will be held as breach of ‘Code of Professional Conduct’ contingent on the prevailing circumstances. Tax agents applying for registration renewal need to complete and sign his own SRE in relation to the experience gathered from the time of first registration as agent. Please visit for more information on experience necessary for hiring tax agents.