The Ultimate Tech Rumours of the Web


As technologies evolve, we are consistently left wondering when the next big thing will be released. In some cases, these rumours come true and the technologies that are released meet expectations. In other cases, developers release these products before they are ready and they fall flat on their faces. Whatever the outcome, it is fun to speculate on these rumours and guess at whether the product will succeed or fail upon its release. This can even be turned into a bingo style game format if you count and mark off all of the tech rumours you have heard of over the years via buzz on the internet! Click here to get more info about the Ultimate Tech Rumours of the Web.

New iPhone

It seems as though the release of the latest iPhone is always at the top of the rumour list, which is likely due to the device’s popularity. The latest iPhone usually bring new technology to the mobile phone industry and creates a great deal of excitement. The new release will also make the iPhone 4 obsolete, since everyone will scramble to purchase the iPhone 5. On September 12, 2012, the iPhone 5 is rumoured to be available for pre-orders, although only time will tell whether this device is an improvement on past models or is simply the same thing with a new name. You may also go to to find out more about new iPhone models and offers.

Microsoft Word

While Microsoft is certain to come out with a new version of Word in 2013, there are rumours regarding what this software will actually include. Some believe that it will incorporate YouTube videos into documents, which is an interesting feature. It is also possible that Flickr images can be added to these documents, which would give users more options than ever before when creating a document with this program.


Many Americans currently take advantage of Hulu to watch television shows for free, but this service could be changing in the near future. HBO only allows users that subscribe to its television channel to access these shows online and Hulu could be switching to a similar model soon. By forcing users to pay for a subscription, Hulu could force streaming companies like Roku out of the industry, since it would cut down on its options for streaming.


It seems as though there is always speculation on what the next MacBook will look like and the latest rumour is that the new MacBook Air could have a 17-inch screen. One problem, however, is that nobody knows if Apple will be able to keep this new version at two or three pounds in weight, which is what people want. If they can keep the weight down, while providing this extremely large screen, Apple will have hit the jackpot in this industry.


With so many products readily available, which cross over into other markets, expect the new Sony PlayStation 4 to do the same. It is not certain if this is even in production, but it is rumoured that the new PlayStation could allow users to download apps, much like a Smartphone. It would actually behave like a smart television, as it would play video games, 3D movies and music, while also crossing over in to emails and other computer functions. This could expand the usefulness of these devices and make them viable in more places than just the home, as we could see PlayStations become a viable part of the office.

Following Rumours

It can be exhausting trying to keep up with these tech rumours, since technologies and, therefore, products seem to change to quickly. One thing to remember is that these companies will often leak this information to the public to see how much attention these rumours get. That way, they can see if there is demand for an update at that moment, or if they can hold onto this updated technology until the demand increases. One thing for sure is that these corporations are always looking to be the first to make a breakthrough, as this is what makes the most money. With so many rumours out there, tech enthusiast will never run out of thing on which to speculate.To learn more about how to avoid the most popular tech rumours on the internet, visit